Our Approach

We reach out to customers through Retailers, We focus solely on customer's needs and tastes, rather than the gimmicks of marketing

So as to achieve our Vision we are so committed on our Values and Ethics. For us our only focus is to deliver Quality and Genuine products at best prices.

We focus on the end user unlike the typical way where vendor supplies products to the retailer and retailer takes the risk of stock and sells to the end user. for us retailer is just an arm to reach the customer.

Our Story

Started our Journey back in 2009 as a Game retailer in Sharjah City Centre. Moved to Deira Market in 2010 and started the Wholesale Business. Shifted our mode of business from Gaming products to Memory Products, Mobile and Travel Accessories in the year 2012.

Since then we never looked back and our run has always been successful. Now we run more than 70 Mobile accessories division in various Supermarkets and distributing our products to more than 100 retailers.



To be a successful and market leading retail partner by catering the customers with versatile and customer centric products. By the year 2020 we see ourselves with a bunch of world class products in our portfolio and a reach of more than 80% of UAE retail market with products form various categories.


To bring back the quality products back to market and cater the customers with the what they really deserve. To achieve and sustain competitive advantage in distribution and retailing by Industry leading customer satisfaction, while constantly building loyalty and trust. Superior financial performance, while maintaining integrity and business ethics. Adding value to all stakeholders, while ensuring effective teamwork and mutual benefits.